Many thanks to the seafarers who agreed to be interviewed, but whose names are being kept confidential.

Research was conducted at the Seafarers Centre at Dublin Port with the support of Rev Willie Black, Noeleen Hogan, Dermot Desmond, Ed Taylor & the volunteers of the Mission to Seafarers, Rose Kearney of Stella Maris and Michael Whelan of the International Transport Federation who were generous in sharing time and experience.


Fiol (2008) by Linda Buckley was commissioned by the Rothko String Trio with funds provided by the Arts Council of Ireland. The soundworld of this piece was inspired by the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (hardingfele). ‘Fiol’ was the predominant term used for ‘fiddle’ in DanishNorwegian of the 17th and 18th centuries. This instrument is mainly used for the performance of Norwegian folk music and is similar in construction to the violin, but with eight or nine strings. Four of the strings are strung and played like a violin, and the remaining strings, called ‘sympathetic strings’ resonate ‘in sympathy’ with the other four.  The trio is approached as a single twelve-stringed ‘meta-instrument’ rather than as three separate voices, almost like a hardingfele or Baroque viola d’amore with sympathetic resonating strings.  and performed by Mairéad Hickey (vn), Georgy Kovalev (va), Ella van Poucke (vc)

The Good Ship Lifestyle (1997) written and performed by Chumbawumba


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